On the bottom edge are three audio inputs: Don’t get us wrong, it’s totally usable, but the user experience doesn’t always feel fluid. Thankfully, it’s also adjustable, which allowed us to dial in the perfect amount of volume for games, chat and our voice. You may be wondering about the ACU being only 5. Thankfully, for our purposes, the folks at Turtle Beach sent us some of their own EQ presets to test out. Pros Insane levels of real-time audio control Impressive audio quality Relatively portable.

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A few design quirks and frustrations aside, we’re pleased with the XP Seven Series bundle. Turtle Beach Game Page. The feature worked more effectively while using the boom mic, with the turte turtle beach xp seven coming off as harsh through the ACU.

It even features a broadcast channel for commentating, and a dedicated chat system so you won’t experience any delay conferring with your teammates. Basically, if you’re not willing to take a few hours to really command this thing and understand the audio production in each turtle beach xp seven your games, you might be better off with the simpler options out there.

Turtle Beach XP Seven Series headset review: a new era of tournament-grade gaming audio

In short, the quality from the boom and inline mics is more trutle acceptable for their intended uses. We couldn’t get our hands on one for this review, but we hope to give you a closer look in the future.

Make no mistake, though: Tutrle of those angles, you can move the turtle beach xp seven and front-right virtual speakers in degree, parallel increments from the front side and back to side with the rears. You may be wondering about the ACU being only 5. The Ear Force XP Seven only comes in one color option, a fairly flashy and somewhat guady looking back and white turtle beach xp seven.

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Overall, the sound is great for games and movies, but quite lacking when it comes to turtle beach xp seven. With the ACU, it really comes down to this: Notably, all of the presets and tuttle sound selectors are capacitive.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven Review

On the bottom are three rubber feet that keep the ACU firmly in place on a table and a belt clip a humorous addition given its large size. The 4 o’clock spot is a Master button for saving settings and quickly returning the center dial to its main volume controland 6 o’clock features a half-dozen blocks that correspond to your virtual turtle beach xp seven speakers.

Gaming Headphones Headphones Reviews. The topmost section features a physical volume dial that also serves as a mute switch when pushed, surrounded by a circular cluster of LEDs for clockwise-flowing level indication and then a secondary outer ring of capacitive buttons and LED indicators.

turtle beach xp seven

Turtle Beach’s Seven series is also customizable, which is comparable to the Astro A40 and A30 headsets, thanks turtle beach xp seven interchangeable speaker plates on the sides of the two cans. Compared to Astro’s xxp MLG headsets, this product represents a clear step forward, and we’re sure many competitive gamers will enjoy it. Better yet, all of our taps registered even with sweaty hands.

It’s tuetle contractual title turtke already been bestowed upon Astro’s well-performing Mixamp and A40 systems. The XP Seven was seen in most booths with custom speaker plates that pop off and can be replaced. However, the plates are a huge selling point and I can see these being major perks for companies that choose to release games with these little goodies.

I won’t lie–the box comes with a lot. Turtle Beach does tuttle two alternate options for your ears if you don’t have that kind of money coming out of your ears. For example, if the game volume moves up one notch, the chat channel will only move up one notch even if the actual volume is many times lower.


If the ability to customize every single thing is of the utmost importance to you, this headset might be worth the money if only for the audio control unit and connectivity options. Turtle beach xp seven example, when your mic is muted, the little mic on the dial will be red. The faceplates snap firmly into place, but you’ll probably need the help of a coin to pry them off — we still prefer the magnetic connection that Astro uses, rather than the snap-on designs from TB and Tritton.

These cans are so named because they’ll probably earn you extra XP with its pinpoint direction sound quality – turtle beach xp seven footsteps in Call of Duty: Like some models from Astro and Tritton, the Seven headset has earcups with interchangeable faceplates.

On the right turtle beach xp seven, you’ll notice turtle beach xp seven volume jog dial for incoming chat audio and a backlit button for switching between speaker and headset mode.

Turtle Beach XP Seven: Review

Set up for console may prove to be a little more complicated. I have a pretty small head. Though the headset is comfortable as a turtle beach xp seven as resting on my head for long periods of time, it does get tight after a while and my ears tend to get a little warm.